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Error: 8004818c when adding Sentinel-2 folders into mosaic dataset in ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2

11-20-2022 09:25 PM
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Hi all,

I am trying to load multiple Sentinel-2 rasters into a mosaic dataset I have created to then build a multidimensional file to analyze and create vegetation indices to also explore.


My current process starts with creating a mosaic dataset (product definition: Sentinel 2 MSI), I then attempt to 'add raster to mosaic dataset' with 'Raster type' set as Sentinel-2 and 'Processing Templates' as Multispectral. I select folder and navigate to the folder that hold all my Sentinel-2 file folders that were downloaded from I have calculate statistics and update overviews selected then hit 'Run'. I get this result quite quickly with the warning message - " Error: 8004818c: No new mosaic dataset item was added." and no changes to the mosaic dataset apparent.


I have also tried to add only a few folders which has not succeeded as well as trying to not stipulate the 'Product definition' and 'Raster type' in the creation of the 'mosaic dataset' and the 'add raster to mosaic dataset' respectively which does end up working but creates a complete mess of a file that I'm not sure how to use and appears to be missing information.


Let me know if you need any more information and any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Sorry that nobody has replied - do you still need help with this?

I'm not familiar with the sara repository - it's possible that the format of the images has been changed in some way.  Have you tried with files directly from

Perhaps easier, have you looked at our image service at  It gives you direct access to current imagery in a dynamic image service

Cody B. 


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