Seamless Oblique Integration

09-12-2012 07:18 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Many agencies are now adding to their collection of imagery with OBLIQUE imagery from vendors like Pictometry.  Bing Maps now incorporates this imagery directy into their UI.  Google Maps & Google Earth now do the same. It seems as though everyone is adding oblique imagery to their offering, and creating seamless integration between it.  Start out at a high altitude and see the Ortho view, zoom in closer, and automagically be presented with the oblique view, and then in the Google case, zoom in yet further, and be presented with the StreetView.

ESRI is missing the boat on integrating with such image resources, and the ability to consume such data, especially if it is hosted at the client side.  I am a Pictometry client (although I know of other oblique vendors as well), and would love to see the ability to integrate my various imagery types, including my self-hosted oblique imagery, directly into Desktop, or a Web map.

Please include the ability to consume oblique imagery into the desktop products, as well as the ability to offer it as a web service for inclusion into a web-map.