Add the measurement result of Site Scan to the attribute of the export feature

a week ago
Status: Needs Clarification
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No attribute values are added to the measurement area feature measured and exported by the site scan.

I hoping to be added the result value of volume measurement as an attribute to the measurement area feature.

If it added the result value as an attribute value, we will be able to easier to use in other products immediately.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thanks for sharing this idea @akari_namura. Could you please provide more context around your use case for this, describe how you are achieving this today, and what other products you intend to use this in? 


Hello @NicoBonnafoux ,

We measured the volume values ​​by Site Scan and manages it as progress rate in the ArcGIS Dashboards.

Currently, we are implementing the following workflow.

1. share the visible of the measurement area to ArcGIS Online.

2. display the volume area on the ArcGIS Dashboards.

3. we enter the measured volume value manually in ArcGIS Dashboard.

4. We are able to manage the progress of construction (cut/fill)

Adding a volume value as an attribute value makes it immediately easier to use in ArcGIS Dashboard, No manual operation is required.