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This paper aims to show the LiDAR´s data processing by using ESRI´s software ArcGIS Desktop 10. For this reason, a brief introduction to the evolution of LiDAR´s sensor and to the different versions of .las data has been included, as well as a summary of its main applications today.

Afterwards, an approximation to the existing software for LiDAR data processing has been included, compiling a representative sample of tools for the management of .las files. From basic viewers to software that has been exclusively developed to work with LiDAR data, including tools that have been developed to customize commercial software and allowing the processing of .las files.

Thereafter, an overview of the data processing with ArcGIS Desktop 10 has been made, taking as a starting point the access to information, the contents that can be displayed and the available tools for managing information. At this point, a geoprocessing model has been developed, which allows to make a first automatic data cleansing and to create two basic products: Digital Surface Model and Digital Elevation Model, as well as data standardization.

Finally, and with the .las files provided by the Research Group on Technologies and Methods for Sustainable Management (Grupo de Investigación, Tecnologías y Métodos para la Gestión Sostenible), a procedure has been elaborated, as well as a geoprocessing model to process data and to allow its subsequent use in forestry applications as the estimation of forest volume and biomass or other variables of interest.


LiDAR, ASPRS (American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), ArcGIS Desktop 10, .las files, shapefile, DTM, DEM, DSM, normalization, biomass.

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