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12-06-2019 08:09 AM
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We've all done the "twitch" when comparing two mapslook at one map, then quickly look at another map to compare data, then back to the first map. You probably just did it, looking at the two maps below, trying to figure out where certain areas are dominated by renters or owners. You probably also twitched when you realized that the year 2000 was almost 20 years ago.

Side-by-side maps of renter and owner counts

Renters (blue) vs Owners (red) in the DC Metro Region, 2000

With new ArcGIS tech, you can get rid of the need to flip between maps and build an interactive visual of renters vs owners in under 45 seconds. Although this could also be a map of where your landlord won't let you use a turkey deep fryer on your patio this month. So no matter how you celebrate this holiday season, I think you'll enjoy the new dot density mapping feature in Map Viewer Beta. Let's get into it, in this week's #InAGIF.

Dot density maps improve visualization and more accurately depict data

The new Map Viewer Beta enables users to create high-performance maps in seconds

Dot density maps are fantastic for the comparison of demographic information. The above example uses data pulled from Esri's Living Atlas, an extremely diverse collection of authoritative data provided to users. This particular layer has two fields for counts of renters and owners by census boundary. Using the new Map Viewer Beta, we can select a dot density symbology with multiple fields. The tool then takes the data and recommends a color pallet that looks like a graphic design masterpiece. Best of all, it performs beautifully--pan, zoom, and click for a responsive design.

Additionally, dot density maps more accurately depict the distribution of the data. For example, if you had 50 fast food restaurants in all of Washington D.C. and 50 fast food restaurants in all of California, there are arguably "more" fast food restaurants in D.C. Dot density maps solve this problem by distributing the data out across the available space.

Dot density maps improve visualization and more accurately depict data

Learn more about the new Map Viewer Beta and start creating incredible products today! 

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