In a GIF: Build a mobile app in under 45 seconds

08-23-2019 06:42 AM
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Where is the nearest early voting site by my house? Where is the nearest pharmacy to this clinic? Where is the nearest Pho restaurant by my dog's hair stylist? These are all questions that your community needs answered. Luckily in just 45 seconds, you can build an application that empowers the community to find the answer on their own, and looks 100% awesome on mobile. 

Rapidly create an application using pre-configured app templates. Just share the map as an app!

Using ArcGIS Configurable Apps, users can rapidly create applications for both browsers and mobile devices.

This is accomplished with the suite of ready-to-use app templates in ArcGIS Online. Just add points to a web map, save it, then share with an app template! It is really that simple: no development, no design. Just minor configurations that can be done in seconds.

App templates look great on mobile too!

Looks and performs great on mobile devices

In this example, I'm using some Emergency Operations Centers from the Living Atlas; a massive library of geospatial content. However, this could just as easily be your organization's point layer of pharmacies, voting sites, homeless shelters, mobile clinics, drop off sites--anything your community needs to find! 

About In a GIF:

Every Friday, I take a few seconds of my day to demonstrate a cool feature of the ArcGIS platform, and share it with you all! The goal is to show how easy it is to create incredible products using tools available in the Esri environment.

We've all seen "look how easy this tool is to use" demos before, using curated data and copy-pasta code. So, to truly demonstrate going from zero-to-hero, In a GIF follows three simple rules:

 In a GIF Rules:

1) The .gif must be less than 45 seconds.

2) No cutting time from the .gif

3) No pre-prepared code allowed.