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Thank your team on GIS day!

11-15-2023 04:43 AM
Occasional Contributor III

We have recruited many new staff members to our department and many are learning GIS with little or no previous experience. They are doing an excellent job! I told them about GIS day today and thanked them for working hard to learn this great technology!

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Esri Community Manager

Thanks for chiming in to share about the GIS celebrating you've already done and about your hard-working team, @JohnFell! If any of them feel so inclined, we'd love to hear from them and their GIS journey so far. If they have free accounts here in Esri Community (or sign up for one) and are inspired to share a post of any length, they'll receive an exclusive GIS Day 2023 badge, just like you'll be getting. HAPPY GIS DAY to you, by the way!

Jesse Cloutier
Community Manager, Engagement & Content