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Let the GIS Day Celebrations Continue!

11-16-2023 05:17 PM
Esri Community Manager

Another successful GIS Day has come to a close! It was awesome to see the innovative ideas and collaborative efforts put forth by all members in planning and organizing their events.


Happy GIS Day Photo Taken by JansonLyonsHappy GIS Day Photo Taken by JansonLyons


GIS Day holds immense significance, and I'm grateful to have celebrated it with all of you. Although this year's GIS Day is now behind us, it certainly does not mean the celebrations have to come to an end. Let's keep this momentum going!


We highly encourage you all to share your memorable moments, insightful findings, presentations, resources, and inspiring success stories from your GIS Day events in this dedicated GIS Day '23 Forum. By doing so, you still have the opportunity to earn the GIS Day '23 digital badge! Currently, we have 25 members who have already been awarded this badge, which is awesome. However, we can certainly increase this number by the end of the year! 

GIS Day '23 BadgeGIS Day '23 Badge



A Few Ways to Continue the GIS Day Celebrations


Brianna Ettley
Community Manager, Engagement & Content
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