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GIS Day Site - Side Effects...

11-01-2023 06:35 AM
Occasional Contributor

Not sure if anyone else is getting these, and I haven't in past years, but it seem our contact information is out and available on the GIS Day website if we have entered an event there. Mine is listed as private, but I've received two emails in the past 48 hours, and another one a few weeks ago which is a duplicate of the third one.


The first and third one are an advertisement from Geo Jango? I've never heard of them, but it's a blanket stock email to try to get us to have maps or posters printed for GIS Day 2023.

Sample of the email.



I didn't know our contact information was out on those webmaps, maybe I missed something this year compared to the last.


The other email I received was a good one, someone teaching STEM classes at a school in Colorado looking for us to help them show their students information about Colorado Watershed analysis, data and tools next year. This is actually helpful, and I'm glad the person was able to get a hold of us on it.


Anyone else?

GIS - Getting it Surveyed is too expensive.
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@Jeremy_Z I've received the same emails. I'm not sure how they got my info, but I've just been ignoring and deleting them.

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Well, it's a double-edged sword for me. Like looking in your junk mail box and finding a useful email. The one for the teacher looking for folks to help with their STEM class in GIS, that's valuable.

No more as of yet.

GIS - Getting it Surveyed is too expensive.
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Esri Community Manager

Hi @Jeremy_Z,


I wanted to give you an update that we've been looking into this. The GIS Day team has noted both you and Jenna's experience and we'll be in touch with an update as to why your private event was shared publicly. 


Thanks for letting us know and it's good to hear you haven't received any additional emails.


Brianna Ettley
Community Manager, Engagement & Content
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