Spatial Join not honouring field map settings for different users

02-12-2024 06:22 PM
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I have built a model in model  builder that does a heap of data intersecting, spatial joins and dissolves to produce a number of layers which are used to streamline a complex data entry process. I'm having issues with one tool which I'm out of ideas for. 

In one of my Spatial Joins, I have a field map customised to use the "Join" option with ", " set as the delimter so that all intersected values for that field are concatenated. See the screenshot below. 


However, when a different user runs or edits the tool, the property defaults back to "First". If they update it to the Join option and save the model, when I open it, I now see the default "First" setting. 


I came across a similar issue earlier in this models development, but it was around joining data from a layer that was built from a join to a CSV with fields of 8000 characters. These caused the same problems with custom field map properties not being honoured. Once I changed the fields so that they had more reasonable field lengths (255) the spatial join honoured the custom field map settings. 

In the scenario I'm finding now though, I don't have those field length issues (only 50 characters). Can anyone suggest other things I need to look at? 



Lindsay Raabe
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