shapefile to kml does not project correctly in Google earth pro

11-22-2023 07:39 AM
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Hey, I have two shapefiles, one is polyline, the other is point (points correspond to both end of the polyline). I converted both shapefiles into KMZ files, it turns that the points do not line up with the polyline ends. The alignment is off by a couple of inch, while it shows perfect alignment in ArcMap. I used the exact same steps when converting (using 'layer to KML' in ArcMap). Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I've found that 'Layer to KML' is finicky. I would recommend using the 'Feature Class to Shapefile or 'Feature Class to Feature Class' tool. ArcPro recognizes the KML files as feature layers, which makes the conversion easier. Simply export the layer using one of those two tools and then add it back in as a shapefile. I've tried to create custom, scripted tools to achieve the conversion before but found this to be much easier. I hope this helps!

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