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Custom Geoprocessing Service/Model Error

06-13-2024 08:54 AM
New Contributor III

Hello I am trying to work on creating a custom Geoprocessing service we can call within the JS API to edit a feature layer.

To accomplish this I have created a model as well as a few custom python scripts.  However when published to our server the service just returns an error

Error executing tool. filterPolygons
Failed to execute (filterPolygons).

The model works as expect when run before publishing as a serivce but fails almost instantly once it is run from the server, and the errors lack of any info makes it difficult to locate the source of the issue

The model has 2 parameters a feature layer as well as a distance.  The feature layer is first used inside a custom python script to calculate points given the geometry, which creates a point geometry output to the scratch GDB.  The output is then passed to buffer analysis alongside the distance parameter,  to create a buffer output again in the scratch GDB which is then used along side the initial feature layer in Select By Location before being passed to another custom python script which edits the attributes.

The custom python scripts I made work correctly when run from the map and when calling them from the server.

I am unsure why the service does not work. Do I need to do anything special because I am using custom python scripts and not just the standard built in ones, like the buffer analysis?
Is there a flaw in how I am understanding how to use the scripts/model?
The error occurs almost instantly when the service is run and the custom script can take a bit of time to calculate all the points, is there an issue with the initial parameters I should be aware of?

Thank you

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