Changing table values in an enterprise feature layer using a geoprocessing tool

12-04-2023 03:22 PM
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I have written a python script that takes the table of a polygon feature layer and returns an excel file with unique ID's for each polygon (which is then joined to the polygon in ArcGIS Pro)

I'd like to consolidate this to a single GP tool. Ideally the tool will take in a feature layer from ArcGIS Enterprise portal and change any values that are zero/null to a newly created unique identifier.

I already have the logic for creating new ID's. I am just having trouble accepting a parameter using arcpy and accessing the table of the feature layer.

I have thought about using ArcGIS API for python to edit the table using the Spatially Enabled DataFrames then overwriting the layer. This changes the symbology which is a concern. Is there another way to complete this workflow?

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