Buffers appearing in wrong place

12-07-2023 03:59 PM
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In ArcGIS Online, I'm trying to create 50 meter buffers around 129 points, some of which are overlapping (I'm using the Dissolve option). The original points are appearing exactly where they should be (Colorado). However, the buffer tool only works when I unselect "Use current map extent" and the new buffered polygons are appearing in Sudan--obviously not correct, and will make it impossible for my next step of separating out these polygons by land parcel (I already have this layer). I also need to see total acreage (by parcel), which I haven't figured out how to do either (the Summarize Within tool, as far as I can tell, can only show calculations involving other layers and this is more basic than that). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Are the data in geographic coordinates?

What options did you use?

Buffer (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

and the section on euclidean and geodesic buffering in the following should be understood first

How Buffer (Analysis) works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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