Area Calculation in Individual UTM zones

07-04-2021 09:11 AM
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I would appreciate if anyone can guide or know any functions to deal with the matter below:

I tried to calculate the geometry (area) based on UTM projections however polygons are exceeding that UTM zone which goes other UTM zones. I had to consume much time to deal with for calculating each individual UTM areas, but I would like to know if you know appropriate existed functions to apply for calculating the areas more efficient ways. 

On this matter, I wonder if we can apply python-scripts registered as tool-box which splits each areas based on the zones to calculate the geometry (area) and then combines polygons split like original polygons so far, but I've been struggling to complete the script so far.

Thank you in advance. 

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Maybe just calculate the geodesic area How To: Calculate geometry in ArcGIS Pro (

Or if you have your heart set on transverse mercator, just use a custom projection with the central meridian adjusted to suit. Although I would share the extent of the data first to ensure people can advise you on the best choice of the many many projections available.

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Ideally, if your polygon extent exceeds a UTM zone, then UTM isn't the right projection to go with.

Assuming you have ArcGIS Pro, could you test if the following works for you.

1. Project the data to GCS WGS 1984

2. Using Calculate Geometry Attributes calculate AREA_GEODESIC 

   or Calculate Field with a similar expression



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or switch to another projected coordinate system which has a larger E-W coverage like Albers or Lambert conformal conic

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