Esri European Developer Summit 2016 – Meet the Winners

12-01-2016 04:55 AM
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From 6th until the 8th of December we are meeting in Berlin once again for the Esri Developer Summit  The Event will take place at the Axica Conference Building.

We raffled 5 free passes. Congratulation. Here we want to introduce two of the lucky winners:
Florian Schimandl –  smartlane  
Florian Schimandl - Smartlane 
"After finishing his computer science degree at TU München, Florian continued working as a research assistant at university in the area of traffic Engineering, always trying to connect cutting edge IT technology and the somewhat more traditional engineering world. Working in different national and international research and development projects as a software developer, researcher and project manager, he also worked there on his PhD creating an architecture for mobility data and data quality analytics for  field operational tests of cooperatve traffic systems. Beginning in 2015 Smartlane has given him the possibility to put his knowledge and skills into a viable product line (Smartlane Mobility Intelligence) to ease burdens in the logistics an mobility sectors." 


Victor Manuel Catalàn Dìaz - AED-SICAD AG

"Victor studied Surveyor Engineer at the university in Madrid because he loved maps. That is where he discovered the GIS. Since then he directed all his efforts at consolidating his career in a combination of programming and geolocation. He currently works for more then 4 years in Munich as GIS Software Engineer at AED-SICAD AG. In his free time he likes to spent time researching fields and travelling."


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