Update data source from fGDB to Enterprise GDB

01-06-2022 07:53 AM
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We are in the process of setting up a new Enterprise GDB, and as a proof of concept I am converting some of our data into a fGDB first.  I would like to start building some maps on the fGDB, but know that the datasets in it will ultimately end up in the Enterprise GDB.  If the two datasets (fGDB and Enterprise GDB) are identical, can I just update the data sources in the map once the datasets are set up in the Enterprise GDB?  Or will I have to rebuild the layers based on the new Enterprise datasets?

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you should be able to just update the data source if the data structures are the same (ie. field names, field types, character counts, etc.).

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Yes, the data structures will be identical.
Thank you, that is what I was hoping to hear.