Issues when registering a Snowflake database

11-29-2022 01:37 AM
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Versions: Enterprise 10.9.1 and Pro 3.0

I am trying to publish data up to my ArcGIS Portal from Pro, which is hosted on a Snowflake cloud warehouse. I've successfully created a database connection, so can view the data in ArcGIS Pro. However the issue occurs when trying to share to Portal as a web layer, with the error "00231: Layer's data source must be registered with the server".

When I try to register the database (under Manage Registered Data Stores > Add > Database), I then get the error when validating "The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. The specified data source (or database) is invalid []". It's worth noting that I am trying to connect to Snowflake using external browser authentication (SSO), so there is no stored username and login.

Can anybody confirm why I am receiving this error and what the next steps would be to resolve? My suspicion is due to either the lack of login credentials or something related to Snowflake not being registered, but any help appreciated!

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Please make sure you have snowflake driver also installed on the ArcGIS Server Machine(s).

In addition, in order to register a database to ArcGIS Server, we must save the user name and password in the connection file.

Thank you


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