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Is there a way to view the guid of an sde replica?

06-13-2024 07:50 AM
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Trying to see the GUID for a replica

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I am not sure that is exposed in the Pro tools. I see this:

What do you need the replica GUID for?

Also, what version of the Enterprise Geodatabase / Pro is being used?

--- George T.
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Was trying to determine which Replica an exported xml update file referred to. Just re-exported the update from the correct Replica, but surprised there's no easy way to determine which Replica the export refers to.

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Hi @WilliamDoane9 ,

If you are working feature service replicas, you can see the Replica ID in ArcGIS Pro beginning with Pro 3.1.x. If you are working with traditional gdb replication, I would follow the above comment.