Is it possible to create a database view on an annotation featureclass?

10-05-2022 02:19 PM
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I have a need to filter some annotation from related tables.  I would like to left outer join an annotation feature class to a different featureclass, add a where clause and keep only the fields from the original annotation feature class and register it with geodatabase as an annotation featureclass.   When I do so, it reads the shape as polygon and registers it as a polygon feature class.  I would like to keep the annotation class extension on the feature class.  Is there a trick to doing this?  Like some SDE table to update or a field to add.

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I was taught that annotation is a non-simple polygon, because there are points for stuff like text anchors, rules, the polygon for the extent of the label, and more, stored in each record. So, I think you need some other way to do this.