How do I create a database?

10-20-2023 03:58 AM
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I was hired for a part-time position doing GIS. They know the last time I made maps at a job was years ago and that I am a very new student getting a certificate in GIS. The job description was easy...

Well they want me to create a database for them. I keep asking multiple people what that would look like to them, has anyone tried starting one, what have they been doing before this? I even have started telling them I am lost, I don't even know how to imagine what that would look like, I don't know where to start

Is this over my head? Or am I just blowing it out of huge proportions?!


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I would start with a file geodatabase, unless they require a RDBMS to be used (like SQL Server / PostgreSQL / Oracle).

Here is some doc to help you along: 

You could then at least have all the geospatial data in a single location.

I would agree this is a large task, especially if they do not have anything already, but can be done with lots of questions (as you are already doing).

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This is many years late but as someone who is looking into databases out of curiosity, this is an amazing answer and absolutely gives a point for me to start. Thank you!

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Look for geodatabase training at Search the Esri Training Catalog

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Before getting too far into the "geo" of geodatabases, if your employer wants to track things or people, not just map points, I recommend a general database resource. The book "Database Design for Mere Mortals' by Hernandez explains how to interview users and look at existing data when designing a database.

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