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Errors In Open the GDB file !

05-01-2024 04:52 AM
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New Contributor

Hello everyone, hope someone can help me please to understand those errors that appear while opening a file geodatabase in ArcMap !!

Its an urgent file and I want to understand those errors so then I can fix them, please help.

error 1.JPGerror 2.JPGerror 3.JPGerror 4.JPG

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Can you provide some more information on this?

I see Oracle errors, that I would not expect with a file GDB.

What is the version of ArcMap & Enterprise Geodatabase?

Are you just adding the feature classes to a map or is this done via some tool?

--- George T.
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New Contributor

the version of ArcMap is 10.4..

Actually I convert the data from shapefiles into GDB file (water data)

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Shapefiles aren't going to give Oracle ORA-29902 errors, either. 

It might help to start over, explaining what you have, and what you're trying to do. Oh, and while we are trying to help, please don't state "please help" or that your situation is "urgent" (these are often counterproductive).

It looks, from the errors (which should always be posted as text, not images, since the point of helping you is to help anyone else with that problem too, and by posing images, you hide the question from others), as if you are trying to load features into an Oracle instance with a specific loading tool.

We need to know:

  • The source file format(s)
  • The name of the loader tool
  • Whether the target Oracle instance has been correctly configured according to the documentation (it's been nearly a decade since I last used 10.4 with Oracle, but I remember that there were system configuration prerequisites that involved raising the number of cursors).

Note that ArcGIS 10.4  has been retired for 27 months now, so it's unlikely that others will able to reproduce your environment, so we'll all be guessing here, trying to recall procedures and configurations from the twenty-teens.

- V