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Can I create an SDE file without ArcGIS Pro, using ArcGIS Server/Enterprise

05-15-2024 09:00 PM
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I have arcgis enterprise with a federated server. I don't have any license for ArcGIS Pro or a floating license ser ver.

I want to add BigQuery content to the Portal and am following the work instruction

But it says to use Pro to create the SDE. All the documents mention Pro or ArcMap to connect

Is there an alternative?


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

It's no longer an "SDE" that gets created. The current term of art is "Enterprise Geodatabase", and the command to create one is CreateEnterpriseGeodatabase (or EnableEnterpriseGeodatabase, depending on the context). Both of these commands are available in ArcPy, which is accessible with Enterprise.

There is a ".sde" file which can be created, but it is called a "database connection file", and the ArcPy tool for that is CreateDatabaseConnection.

Most of the documentation is geared toward using Pro to administer a EGDB, so going without isn't making it easier, but if you can get to the Python instance in your Server install, you can make forward progress.

- V