backup / restore ARCGIS SDE with oracle

08-13-2022 08:33 AM
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Hello i am using RMAN for Backup and Restore/Recover SDE Database on Oracle DBMS

rman target /
backup pluggable database pdb plus archivelog;

and then i do some changes in my SDE Database through Arcgis desktop create shapefile or edits etc

and then i try to restore the database

sql> shu immediate;
startup mount;

i found there is no any changes happened ! i mean the edits i did it's the same although it should back to the past until back up moment

i am fresh graduate and i need to learn from you best practice please support

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This question is more appropriate if you ask in the so other fellow Oracle Database folks will be able to help you. But first you need to enable archiving and then take a full backup ( rman incremental level 0", this will backup cdb$root and all pdb's, you must do this because to perform the restore/recover using rman is necessary to have this backup, then next step is to do a rman incremental level 1 backup, and finally an archivelog backup, now if you do edits in the pdb then run again a "incremental level 1 and archivelog backup, notice here that I did not backup any pdb individually, but rather the cdb$root and all pdbs and all archivelog, then you can perform a rman restore/recover or rman point in time, or a pdb point time, if you have flashback on and undo retention set to 24 hours then it is possible to use flashback to perform a point in time of the pdb. yep, there is a lot more on your question about rman and I would suggest you to take the Oracle Backup Recover Training which will cover this and other more advanced topics with rman. But the is a better place for you to ask questions about rman. I hope this helps.

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