FedGIS 2020 Attendees Encouraged to "Go All In" to Create A Sustainable Future

02-12-2020 09:01 AM
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Professionals in public service attended the 23rd annual Federal GIS Conference in Washington D.C. this week, all unified by the range of possibilities of how GIS can be of service to them to create a sustainable future. 


Jack welcomes attendees to the 2020 Federal GIS ConferenceIn the opening of the Plenary, Jack welcomed 5,000 federal, state, local, and non-governmental professionals by establishing a purpose for the conference, saying the conference “is about building a community of users who share a common interest, data, and direction.


The tradition of meeting someone in the plenary set attendees on the path to realizing the purpose of FedGIS (pictured)


Attendees networking in the conference




Your Work 

Following the welcoming, he showcased select map submissions from across the nation in more than ten areas, including Transportation, Health, Agriculture, Building and Facility Management, Public Safety, and Disaster Response and Preparation. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Polk County were named amongst the featured map makers. 


Maps from Agriculture, Forestry, and Land Management featured in the Plenary

USDA Forestry receives Making A Difference Award


James Hubbard, USDA Under Secretary for National Resources and Environment (right), and Vicki Christiansen, Chief of USDA Forestry Service (center) received The Making A Difference Award from Jack Dangermond (left) for USDA Forestry Service’s innovative use of GIS in conservation, forest management, wildfire prevention and response, and citizen engagement.





Creating A Sustainable Future

Next, Jack introduces his vision of GIS as an Intelligent Infrastructure. The world is an interconnected, resilient ecosystem that is continuously responding to the challenges that our human footprint creates. Much like the human nervous system processes signals and information around our body, the science of geography embodies the nervous system of our planet. 


With GIS, each project built within an organization is sensing, understanding, and responding to signals and data in our environments. Through ongoing collaboration and collective data sharing, we’re actively building an intelligent infrastructure to create a sustainable future.


Learn more about how this intelligent infrastructure broadens access to the technology and how it extends GIS to the edge. 



Our Work

Esri’s product strategy has two goals: advancing the technology of GIS and supporting users of that technology. Jack reviews some of the upcoming advancements with ArcGIS, including making ArcGIS increasingly cloud-native which brings more services to analyze the Internet of Things (IoT) and building a new version of ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes for release in the Winter.


After an overview of ArcGIS and its evolution to meet current trends, he reviews a list of more than 30 solutions and products in ArcGIS with increased capabilities and some insight on what’s next in the 2020 RoadMap.


Overview of Product Strategy 0:39



Serving Our Users

Services are how Esri delivers on the goal of supporting our users.  With professional development resources through Esri Training, conferences, books, and a network of partners and special relationships to support technology diversity and adoption, Jack encourages attendees to “go all in” on realizing the future of GIS as an intelligent infrastructure through continued learning and innovative thinking.


GIS Professional work is a part of something much larger“You’re, in many ways, a part of something much larger,” said Jack in his closing remarks. “To realize this sustainable future… it's more than technology; it requires you. It requires intelligent action and thinking…your value, ethics, a lot of hard work, and going all in.”





Stay tuned for more highlights from FedGIS Conference‌ 2020! 

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