Technical support, E-mail information - Write Subject of case in subject of e-mail

11-18-2021 03:02 AM
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When I create new case of Technical support in My Esri, an e-mail comes with informations about my case number (and other informations). Unfortunately, there is only a name of technical support local company and case number in subject of e-mail instead of the subject I wrote in My Esri. So, with more technical suport cases opened at one time, I get very quickly lost in my e-mail message box.

Please, write the subject of case in subject of automaticaly generated technical support e-mails.

Thank you

(Ps: Maybe this happens only in case of the first automaticaly sent e-mail message, informing about case number and what's the toppic.)

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Hey there David, I appreciate the feedback you left us here. Could you please send me a case number so that I can see exactly what you are talking about?