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11-16-2021 07:01 AM
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When I get e-mail notification / reply from technical support, there is no information about communication history. Would it be possible to attach thread history into e-mail body?

It's difficult to remember all the history of the thread. Login to My Esri needed and much of clicing to get all the information to understand and reply back. (Even if there are no pictures saved in My Esri TS thread, which were sent in e-mail body previously. => It's needed to keep all single e-mail messages one-by-one in Outlook history to get all informations which were sent during history, searching them, go through, ...)

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Thank you for the feedback David. The way our CRM works, as an email chain grows, it will add the content of the previous email to the record. Implementing an email history as described may overwhelm the way the system is set up. However, I still think we may be able to implement this via a case summary, which you can request from the assigned analyst. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.