Better way to get ArcGIS for Javascript Specialty.

07-21-2021 06:05 AM
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I would like to get the ArcGIS for Javascript Specialty.

I just check all the requirements and I need a Esri Certification to be able to pass the exam. Years ago there was a Esri Certification for Web Development, which would make sense in my case, but actually it is not available. 

What is the suggestion from your side, taking into account that I am a Web Developer? Should I need to get first an Esri Certification to be able to pass the Specialty exam? Is there  another way? 

In that case I see the Enterprise Administration Professional as the less wrong choice. But I do not see it as a normal way.

Thanks for your advice!


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Specialty exams are available to candidates who have proven a foundational understanding of the Esri Platform and its components by certifying with any core exam.

Since the Web Developer Certification exam is already deprecated, you won't be able to opt for that.

You are right about Enterprise Administration Professional exam. Maybe it's your best option to go for, if you are already working on the ArcGIS Enterprise (especially, Administration perspective).

Some candidates also opt for ArcGIS Desktop Entry Certification as their core exam.

There is no way to bypass the prerequisite (Core Exam Certification)

Everything You Need to Know About Exam Eligibility 

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We are currently in an exam development cycle that includes updating all existing exams and creating a few new ones.  More information will be shared on the new exams as they are finalized and beta tested, but we will introduce some new "developer" focused exams in this cycle.  

The blog referenced in the comment above is where you will find all the information you need on Esri's exam eligibility requirements.  Thanks, @JayantaPoddar !! 

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