Augmented Reality Aids a New Jersey Water Utility

07-24-2017 10:47 AM
Esri Contributor

A midsize utility in New Jersey has made the leap to adopt a cutting-edge mixed reality (MR) holographic application while blazing a path for other industries and businesses to follow.

Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority (TRMUA) may just be the first utility in the world to use mixed reality headsets to guide fieldworkers in locating underground #utilities. This technological leap brings utilities and other companies with underground assets closer to realizing an age-old wish: to see through dirt. The mixed reality solution is helping field technicians in Toms River close service tickets more quickly and avoid costly repairs.

At its most basic, the Toms River system takes three well-established technologies and combines them into one brand-new application. All three are commercially available—Esri’s #ArcGIS Platform, which stores location and attribute information on TRMUA’s underground assets; Microsoft’s #Azure cloud-computing service; and @Microsoft’s #HoloLens. The three were integrated and customized by #Meemim a Toronto-based company and #esri startup program Partner, founded by Alec Pestov, who previously managed several startups. Learn more:

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