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10-01-2020 05:31 PM
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Hello!  Our company was bamboozled today by the following change...

Esri Support https_only 

I'd like to ensure that such announcements make it to my mailbox.  Can someone confirm if there is a mailing list I should have been signed up on to get the above article and if so, which mailing list is that?  If that exists, I will quickly sign up



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I have my own license and I have received several reminder emails, including one today.

Whoever is in charge of your licenses probably got them, and in all likelihood, they went to "junk" as with most mass mailed emails in corporations and institutions.  Might want to have them "never block"

There have been several blogs about it in various Places on GeoNet as well 

and Technical articles

FAQ: What do I need to know about ArcGIS Hub regarding enforcement of the HTTPS-Only Standard, updat... 

There are more, but these are some samples

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