Getting Started with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

08-18-2016 04:22 AM
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You can create powerful geographic information system (GIS) apps that run on any device using Esri's Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, a feature available in ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. In this webinar, Eamonn Doyle (Chief Technical Officer) and Michael Kelly (Technical Sales Engineer) of Esri Ireland will show you how to quickly build web apps that showcase your data, configure widgets (for querying data, performing analysis, and other tasks), and choose the look and feel for your app. You will also learn how to share your app with your organisation or the public via the ArcGIS platform or deployed on your own web server. Developers also receive tips on how to customise Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to suit their specific needs.


  • Users interested in learning more about the capabilities of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • Users who want to find out more about the latest July 2015 updates to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • Users who want to make use of Open Source widgets
  • App developers interested in creating custom widgets and themes and anyone interested in building and deploying GIS apps

Learn How To

  • Bring your own content and content available via ArcGIS into your app. This includes basemaps, real-time traffic and demographic data, and GIS services such as routing and geocoding
  • Configure your widgets that use your mapping and GIS services
  • Add Open Source or Customised Widgets using the Developer edition of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • Customise your app or extend its capabilities


  • ArcGIS Online
  • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (integrated into ArcGIS Online)
  • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) 1.1 (download will be shown during webinar)
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Webinar Q&A

Custom widget using a geo-processing tool published as a service?


I'm not sure what this was in relation to. Documentation relation to the Geoprocessing widget is available here. You are able to use custom geoprocessing services with this widget as necessary.


Is there a geocoder rest service for GeoDirectory currently available for use?


Yes. Esri Ireland have an ArcGIS Locator configured for GeoDirectory. This Locator can be published as a RESTful web service. The Locator is only available via a Professional Services installation project. The end user must have an existing licence with GeoDirectory. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.


For an Intranet app, do you register webapp builder running from your web server within DMZ (with web adaptor) or from your GIS server?


For an intranet app, ideally you should use Portal for ArcGIS, which is essentially an internal only version ArcGIS Online. In this case you can use the Web AppBuilder embedded edition to build your App and deploy to your Portal. However you may also build a webmap that references services from either your web adaptor end point or your internal server end point and use that webmap in an application built using Web AppBuilder. IN a case where the internal server end points are used the app will only be useable on your intranet.


Can you please email the slides URL address (azurewebsites…)?


            All links provided in email above.


Does Location widget convert IG to ITM accurately?


Yes. For highest precision you need to use the NTv2 transformation available with the 10.3.1 install (or from Esri Ireland) and install same correctly on your ArcGIS for Server instance.


Will the last section with the cmd etc be available as a youtube video?


The command I was using/trying to use was "echo %COMPUTERNAME%.%USERDNSDOMAIN%". However I had a typo in the command so just got it from the running application. Please see links in email above for the YouTube video. The additional video goes through registering the Developer Edition, as well as adding custom widgets so that would probably be the best place to start.


Can navigation widget provide voice enabled directions within app?


The Directions widget does not provide voice enabled directions within the app. However, the new Navigator for ArcGIS app does so that might be worth looking at.


The co-ordinates on lower left, is it possible to have this in terms of some co-ordinate system like ITM?


It can indeed. Check out the documentation for the Coordinate widget here. By default, coordinates are displayed in current map’s coordinate system. To get coordinates in other coordinate systems, you need to add them and specify appropriate transformations as necessary.


For the chart widget can you import a polygon from shp?


The documentation for the Chart widget is available here. You would need to publish the shapefile to ArcGIS Online as a feature layer and configure the Chart widget appropriately.


How do you load in your web map if using the developer edition?


The same 'builder' available in ArcGIS Online comes with the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition. From the builder you can select any webmaps accessible from the account used to register the Developer Edition of Web AppBuilder.


Can I link to a few pdfs within web app builder? Not from a feature layer but from the application via a selection from a widget?


            I'm not sure what you mean by this. Where would the pdf links come from? If you email me back with further details I can look into this.


Where is the draw data stored when you select "add as operational layers"?


The draw data is stored in temporary storage. This allows you to use the input points/lines/polygons within other widgets. Once the page is refreshed the data is deleted.


Hi, which widgets consume credits? So far you mentioned Analysis widget, any other?


I'm just after going through the Web AppBuilder widgets there. If you read the documentation for any widgets you intend on using, you can see what ones use credits. From my understanding, the following widgets can consume credits:


                        Analysis widget

                        Directions widget

Geoprocessing widget


            Note there is an option to 'Show credits' that will be used within the Analysis widget.


Do all the widgets work with IE 9? We have had some performance issues with WAB in IE9.


Judging by browser support in the documentation, Internet Explorer 8+ is supported. I haven't encountered any problems, but I wouldn't be an IE9 user. If you are encountering problems I would recommend you get in touch with support to try and resolve.


How do I define groups?  For example I want some people in my organisation and some third parties to view the map.  How do I control this?


Groups are defined within your ArcGIS Online account. Guidelines on how to create them are available here. Each member of the group must have an ArcGIS Online user account. If you need users from outside of your organisation to join the group, you would designate it as 'Public' so those users could search for and find the group.


Will you be able to show how to change the text colour in the links the older app was white, the latest tabbed app is to you change it to white?


You can embed some HTML with inline styling in order to overwrite the colour. Something like this should do the trick: <div style="color:#FFFFFF !important;">LinkName</div> instead of just putting in LinkName.


How I can download the app we just created?

How can I take a copy of an app created by another user and edit it?


You can't copy an app created by another user unless you have their credentials. You can then use ArcGIS Online Assistant to copy the application to your account. However, if the webmap and its layers are public you can 'Save As' the webmap to your account. Then configure the same web application from your account.


How accurate is the elevation widget really for Irish locations? What is it based on?


To be honest, I haven't tested how accurate it is. But I think it gives you a good indication of the elevation of an area. There is no Esri elevation widget available for Web AppBuilder (although there is an open source one available). There is, however, an Elevation Profile template app, the code of which is open source and available on GitHub. This uses the Profile Task to create profiles along input lines from which a profile graph can be created. Further details on the geoprocessing service used for this is available here. 

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The slide deck from the webinar area available here. You can also find a short video on how to add a custom widget to the Developer Edition here - make sure to copy the widget eSearch folder, not the root eSearch folder 

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