Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro

08-17-2016 08:48 AM
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ArcGIS Pro reinvents desktop GIS. It is a central part of the ArcGIS platform. This brand new 64-bit desktop application lets you render and process your data faster than ever. Design and edit in 2D and 3D, work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish finished web maps directly to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, connecting you to users throughout your organization or the world.

In this webinar, Michael Kelly (Technical Sales Engineer) of Esri Ireland will highlight some key features of ArcGIS Pro, provide a walk through of its features and demonstrate how to get started.


  • Licensing
  • Interface Overview
  • Migrating data
  • Maps and Layouts
  • Authoring Tasks
  • Integration with ArcGIS Online/Portal


  • Users keen to learn more about ArcGIS Pro


  • Basic knowledge of the ArcGIS Platform
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Webinar Q&A

I see under your basemaps in ArcGIS Pro you had a whole load of basemaps. I just have the standard 10 from ESRI. How do I add in MapGenie/NI basemaps and I have an OS map service I created myself, I would like added in. You also mentioned others on can you send on the links to these other basemaps available?


Firstly the basemap gallery in ArcGIS Pro came from my ArcGIS Online organisation. So this is what needs to be altered to add them in there.


MapGenie and NI Basemaps are secured basemaps, so require subscription to their services. If you are subscribed, you can get in contact with them and ask for credentials, service endpoints, etc. so you can access them via ArcGIS Online. The one thing to note is that all the basemaps in the gallery have to be in the same spatial reference. So if you want to use the Esri basemaps, all your basemap gallery items have to use Web Mercator (wkid: 102100).


I have created a video on how to add MapGenie to the existing basemaps in ArcGIS Online here. Note that you are required under licensing to use the Limit Usage option for each secured service. This is not in the video, but can be added via the Tile Layer item page. You have to add in your organisation's URL (e.g. and, as well as any URL's from which you will request those basemaps.


Regarding available basemaps, you can check out some from here which may be of use.


Are many of the geoprocessing tools from ArcMap available in ArcGIS Pro? Or do you need to swap between map and pro?


The vast majority of geoprocessing tools from ArcMap are available in ArcGIS Pro. A full list of them can be found here. However, there are some tools that are unavailable in ArcGIS Pro for varying reasons. ArcMap can still be used for these geoprocessing tools.


Will working with geodatabase data in Pro change the geodatabase compatibility with map?




Migration issues from desktop 10.1 - ArcGIS Pro…..i.e. mxd's, python scripting, style files, and scenes created in 3D analyst?


Firstly, there is a very good blog post which discusses migrating your content into ArcGIS Pro (you can import mxd's, .sxd's, .3DD's, Python scripts, style files, etc.).


Once in ArcGIS Pro, these can be saved as projects (.aprx). Projects are not backward compatible; however, the data used by the application can be accessed by either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro through the geodatabase, so there can be collaboration at a data level. Services published using ArcGIS Pro can be used and shared with ArcMap. Also, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro can run side by side, on the same machine, so it will be possible to use both applications for accessing and working with local data and online services.


Secondly, you can use the Analyze Tools For Pro tool to check for functionality that is not supported in ArcGIS Pro. The input can be a geoprocessing toolbox, Python file, or a tool name. Any issues identified will be included in the tool messages as warnings.


Can you add DEM and drape, i.e. OSi ortho photo over same? Create animated fly through a project? Import 3D formats, i.e. Collada (.dat)?


I don't see any reason why you couldn't import a DEM and drape.


Animation is supported - see this documentation.


You can import 3D Files into a multipatch feature class using the Import 3D Files tool. The input for this can be one or more 3D models or folders containing such files in the supported formats, which are 3D Studio Max (*.3ds), SketchUp (*.skp), VRML and GeoVRML (*.wrl), OpenFlight (*.flt), and COLLADA (*.dae). For a full list of supported data types and items within an ArcGIS Pro, se the following link.


Will Pro eventually replace ArcGIS Desktop....I mean, should we start migrating over to Pro?


No. ArcGIS Pro is a new member of the ArcGIS for Desktop family and can run side by side with your existing ArcGIS for Desktop applications, such as ArcMap. ArcGIS Pro currently does not have all of the functionality found in ArcMap. ArcGIS Pro does have unique capabilities, and new ways of getting work done, not available in ArcMap such as:

  • Project-based workflows
  • Combined 3D/2D visualization
  • Task-based work automation
  • Vector tile creation
  • 64-bit support
  • Multiple display and map layout support


ArcGIS Pro was built using the best aspects of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene and ArcGlobe, along with huge amounts of valuable input from the professional GIS community. New functionality is added to ArcGIS Pro with every new release. See what's new.


Does the existing SQL and file geodatabases stay as is or need migrated?


You can access your data in a similar way to with ArcMap, so these remain the same.


Can you confirm pro is now on a standalone licence rather than through ArcGIS Online?


From v1.2, ArcGIS Pro offers three different types of licenses: Named User license, Concurrent Use License and Single Use license. You can find more information regarding the management of licenses here.


Can ArcGIS Pro allow you to publish a feature service to ArcGIS Online as ArcMap can't?


Firstly ArcMap does allow you publish a feature service to ArcGIS Online. See the following documentation.


Similar functionality is also available via ArcGIS Pro.


Is 3D Analyst now obsolete with ArcGIS Pro?


No. A similar 3D Analyst toolbox is available via ArcGIS Pro.


I use a lot of the extensions (e.g. Spatial Analyst) in ArcMap...will these be integrated into ArcGIS Pro as well?


As mentioned above, the vast majority of geoprocessing tools from ArcMap are available in ArcGIS Pro. A full list of them can be found here. However, there are some tools that are unavailable in ArcGIS Pro for varying reasons. ArcMap can still be used for these geoprocessing tools.


What about the extensions that are in ArcMap - are all these in ArcGIS Pro?


Please see above answer.

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The slide deck from the webinar is available here. The ArcGIS Pro Task that I followed is also available to download/import here.

I have listed a couple of useful resources below:

There are some Esri Ireland ArcGIS Pro training courses scheduled over the coming months. For more information, please see our Training page or get in touch!

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