I want become GIS developer. How can I start my career?

11-06-2020 06:50 AM
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What is the main skill set I need, so that I can become a good developer? How can I start my career? 

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Well that sir is just a really big question.  My first bit of general advice is that when asking a question like that, you need to include some useful background information, such as...what GIS experience do you already have?  Are you already proficient with non-spatial programming?  Are you a student just starting out, or an experienced worker looking to switch gears?  It is typically hard to get useful responses to such a fundamental question without setting the stage a bit, so we know where you are starting from.

Do you already know at least one programming language?  

Learning Python or Javascript is a good start.

ESRI has some appropriate training plans already developed that have a lot of free content if you are under maintenance:



You couldn't go wrong taking a look at those plans and see if any of that aligns with what you want to do.  Joseph Kerski

Beyond that, keep an eye open for the MOOCs, these are a free way to get a pretty good exposure to the many different aspects that are the science of GIS:


Another alternative is to find someone who already does this kind of work and is willing to mentor you.

Good luck.


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Thanks Jay ! Good suggestions. Joseph

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