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Geoportal Server 2.7.1 Released!

12-21-2023 01:31 PM
Occasional Contributor

This release marks a whopping 20 years since the first release of the standards-compliant, open-source metadata application. The release includes enhancements driven from customer requests and industry developments around data discovery:

  • Implement Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) API. This fairly new specification is quickly gaining popularity for managing large volumes of imagery, lidar data files, etc. 
  • Use in combination with KoopJS to build very large Oriented Imagery Catalogs (OIC).
  • Enhancements in harvesting metadata from ArcGIS and to ArcGIS. Geoportal Server can be used as companion to ArcGIS Enterprise/Online implementations for organizations who want to enhance their users' search experience.

As always, release and source code are available online:

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