Modify Associations NOT Recognizing Assembly Features

06-16-2021 06:22 AM
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Hello, I have recently come across a strange issue when adding new assembly features to an existing project. I want to make the assembly point a container and place other devices in containment. This is something I have done hundreds of times in the past. I have over 200 assembly point entries, all that are containers.  The problem occurs after the assembly feature has been added and I go to "Modify Associations," I get a yellow warning in the "Modify Associations" pane that "No valid features have been selected." To add to that, when I go back and select other assembly features that I have already created and have features already in containment, I get the same warning. I have checked the rules, I have set the association role and nothing seems to fix this issue. I thought maybe it is because I added a join to the feature class but, I have joins on other feature classes and I am able to modify their associations. Has anyone experienced this issue? 

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Hi @DavidNuhn - Which version of ArcGIS Pro and UNM are you running? Have you tried Pro 2.6 with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1? There has been some improvements in the Modify Associations pane:

I'm wondering if you would experience the error that you are getting when using a newest version of UNM.


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