Sample Common Information Model (CIM) XML data translation template

03-30-2015 08:28 AM

Sample Common Information Model (CIM) XML data translation template

Esri and Safe Software paired to develop and openly share a template that facilitates utility-data sharing. The Common Information Model (CIM) template demonstrates one approach to translating network data from an Esri ArcGIS database into CIM/XML format. The XML format can then be shared with other enterprise systems.

Utilities can use the CIM to share core network data. CIM facilitates sharing among a utility’s internal enterprise systems, externally with other utilities, and externally with agencies, such as regulators, independent system operators, and regional transmission operators.

Please read the “Esri GIS to CIM Template Reference Guide” carefully for step-by-step instructions to using the sample CIM template.


This will be useful.  I think we might be able to adapt this to Multispeak as well.

Anonymous User

Hello Kurt, yes, the template leverages the Data Interoperability extension or Safe's FME, both of which allow for formatting XML, so you may be able to revise to format for MultiSpeak messaging as well.  Good luck!


Is there a documentation on what attributes in the esri distribution model are used to get the connectivity model in the cim format?


Hello Suresh, the template reference guide document is the only documentation available on the template.

I have tried running the tool but always fails to complete the process. I have Data Interoperability extension activated. I am currently running ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4.1; Could my ArcGIS Desktop version be the problem?

Below a screengrab of the Log;

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