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Using Storymaps as interactive, self-assessments

12-22-2021 06:12 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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If you create Storymaps for students as a way to learn content, you may find an interactive, self-assessment item to be a valuable addition for checking learning. Self-assessment items can tell students where they are in constructing the information that you've presented.  Some educators who prefer the classic approach of behavioral (or pogrommed) instruction, might also find the tool useful.

Read the storymap to learn more about how to build interactive, self-assessment items for inclusion in your storymaps.  These items can be added to your existing storymaps, if you prefer.  This tool is a prototype at this time; only the adventurous should proceed.

Your feedback is welcome!

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Esri Notable Contributor

Nice blog, @TomBaker!