New option for assigning licenses: June 2019 ArcGIS Online release

06-17-2019 03:14 AM
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Fellow Educators:


We are excited to share an update about the upcoming release of ArcGIS Online, which was heavily influenced by the Education community (you) – new functionality is added to make it easier to assign licenses and ease access to ArcGIS technology across campus. In addition, we will see improved member search and filter options – two other big asks from Education users.

In the June release of ArcGIS Online we will introduce a new Organizational setting: New Member Defaults. This setting grants Administrators the long-sought ability to configure default Add-on License options, alongside the previous options for default User Type, Role, Credit quota, Groups, and Esri Access.  The New Member Defaults are applied when creating accounts for any new user who is added/invited to the organization.

When combined with enterprise logins and its "Automatically" join option, the result is a fully automated process -- often referred to as auto-provisioning -- for providing access to ArcGIS to your entire campus community. (Some campuses achieved this in the past by implementing automated scripts that granted licensing entitlements when new users were detected in the system. This update eliminates the need for such scripts.)

To easily geo-enable your campus community, please consider taking the following steps:

  1. Enable enterprise logins, commonly known as SSO – integrate with existing business systems and do not create arcgis-only accounts (unless when working with outside affiliates).
  2. Enable "Automatically" join for enterprise logins (also known as auto-provisioning), so that new users are automatically granted access to ArcGIS.
  3. Configure the "New Member Defaults" so that people have access to everything in ArcGIS they might need to do their job:
    1. Set the default user type set to "GIS Professional Advanced". (FYI, most Education Program licenses have the GIS Professional Advanced user type as the primary user type.  If your organization does not, use the Creator user type.)
    2. Set the role to "Publisher" – empower everyone with the abilities to do the work they need to do
    3. Configure default Add-on Licenses (ArcGIS Pro, Insights, Business Analyst, Community Analyst, GeoPlanner, etc.)
    4. Set a Credit Quota (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.) whatever fits your institution -- enable your community to do their work, yet protect them from accidental mistakes
    5. Enable Esri Access for everyone – allow them to utilize Esri Academy (E-Learning/Esri Training), GeoNet, etc.
  4. Encourage students, faculty, staff to leverage all free options for self-learning, such as Learn ArcGIS, Esri Academy, documentation, etc.


In addition, you will also see improved filter and member search options – enhancements influenced by education community as well - which will make administration easier.


For those of you joining us at Education Summit @ Esri UC, we’ll have this, and more, in some of our workshop offerings.


New Member Defaults:

New Filters:

Improved Search (consolidated) – Full name is no longer the default (no dropdown):