Fun with GIS 306: A One-Minute Fix for Org Admins

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Hardly a day goes by without my team getting a request to adjust who is the admin of an Org. This happens so often that I wrote about it before (linked below), and it continues. We see very little info about any Org, but we can see "Primary Admins" -- people who receive from Esri essential messages about Org operation.

Every Org has at least 1 admin, but should have more, and at least 2 who are primary admins. Smart management of school Orgs involves at least 2 savvy admins (p.19 of

So, why do we get these requests to adjust admins? Because so many admins are not using the simplest best practice! I dug deep into our data. Of currently over 6500 school Orgs in USA, only 220 have more than one primary admin … less than 4%. This is a situation that takes admins less than five minutes to grasp and one minute to solve.

To understand the situation, see the blog "Fun with GIS 246." Then, if you are an Org admin, take a minute to log into your Org and follow the graphic in the blog.

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Greatly appreciate ALL org help. Our institution has 2 orgs. One is strictly educational the other is a site license for all faculty\staff\students. The educational has benefited greatly from having 2 admins. Both of these administrators are also among the 4 administrators on the site license. It works well.


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