Fun with GIS 302: Esri Technical Certification

11-29-2021 05:18 AM
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How can someone tell at a glance that you have some skill, if not proclivity, for a technology or process? A certification does that. Esri technical certification means someone has enough knowledge to pass an exam about a specific technology or content area. Developing such an exam is carefully managed to generate just the right type and distribution of questions to match a publicly posted description.

One part of the development process is a beta exam. It is "the test of the test." It also provides test takers the chance to think ahead and prepare better to help others achieve a worthy goal. Such a chance is now open for those interested in Esri's "GIS Fundamentals Foundation" certification. Eventually, this may be a worthy consideration even for savvy high school students. For now, though, the beta is open to adults with at least basic experience and understanding of both ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. (That's "both/and," not "either/or," but also "basic," not "wizard.")

I know many educators with strong knowledge in one plus at least the basics in the other. I hope you can help us ensure this is a good test. Passing the beta means being one of the first to achieve this new certification. Esri offers a limited number of discounted seats for the beta, so it's a great opportunity for educators … and the beta period for this exam is very short: Dec.13-27. Act quickly, starting at the Certification Blog.




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