Free Student Licenses via Learn ArcGIS until August 31

03-31-2020 03:34 AM
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As part of our continued efforts to support students and educators amidst COVID-19 university closures, we will offer free Student licensing until August 31st, 2020 – via Learn ArcGIS

The following Press Release was published, feel free to share widely - Esri Offers Students Free Access to Software for Continued Education through Coronavirus Closures.

In essence, we’re extending the Learn ArcGIS membership from the standard 60 days to August 31st, and anyone who signs up will have that extended access. The membership includes access to ArcGIS Online and over 20 apps including ArcGIS Pro, along with a library of lessons that are available in seven languages. New lessons on public health have just been added. To sign up for a membership in Learn ArcGIS, visit

This offer is retroactive for Learn ArcGIS users who registered since March 1. Any new signups may not see an immediate message communicating August 31 as an end date, but that is the effective end date. Messaging will be communicated later. 

Below is a lists of FAQ we have seen from Educators, please feel free to ask additional questions. For additional questions please check our Student Access FAQs.

Q: What is Learn ArcGIS?

A:  Learn ArcGIS is a free resource for learning to use ArcGIS in the context of real-world problems.  It provides hands-on lessons for many products, such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Story Maps, Survey123, and more – over twenty in all.   

Lessons can be filtered by capability (e.g., mapping, spatial analysis, real-time visualization); productindustry; resource type; or geographic region.  Learn Paths are curated collections of resources on a given topic, such as spatial analysis or health, providing easy access to a series of activities. 

Q: My institution already provides ArcGIS, how is this different?  

A: If your institution already has ArcGIS deployed successfully, we recommend that students utilize the institution-provided licensing that is already in place. Therefore, this offer may not be applicable.  However, there are still students worldwide, who do not have access. Hence, we wanted to provide access for them.    


Q: Does this offer create another ArcGIS Online account? Are they related? 

A: This offer creates an account in the ArcGIS Online organization managed by Learn ArcGIS. This account is separate, and not related to any ArcGIS Online account provided by the university. To minimize confusion, if your institution already provides student licenses via their institution agreement (i.e. site license) AND if students are leveraging this free student license offer, please ensure that they are aware that the two accounts are separate.  


QHow do I copy content from my Learn membership to my university account? 

ACurrently there are three ways to copy content from one organization to another - 1) ArcGIS Online Assistant, 2) GeoJOBE Admin tools, 3) ArcGIS API for Python 

Q: Where do I get the installation files/executables to install ArcGIS Pro?  

A: Instructions will be sent via email when students register.  Students will receive one email message to activate their account, then a second message with instructions to download ArcGIS Pro Once you've received your account information, log into the Learn ArcGIS Organization and go to 

Q: Does my Learn membership include ArcMap?  

A: ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) is not included.  ArcGIS Pro is the desktop application included in the Learn membership.

Q: What support is offered (e.g., download and installation, general software use), and how do I get help? 

A: Community support is available in the Learn ArcGIS GeoNet community .  You can ask questions and search for information in the Content feed.


Q: I’m younger than 18 years; can I use this offer? 

A: No, this offer is available only for students 18 years or older, based on Esri’s Privacy Policies.  If you’re a student under age 18, a parent or guardian can create an account on your behalf. 

For additional questions please check our Student Access FAQs.

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