COVID-19 Webinar Recording: Moving Your Course to Distance Learning

03-19-2020 02:16 AM
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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), many colleges/universities are moving to fully online classes. 


In this webinar, select educators will discuss their approaches of moving a course online.  New media and delivery technologies must be adopted along with shifts in pedagogy – all while keeping course goals and program objectives at the forefront.   We’ll focus on what is practical in a short time-frame and highlight readily available resources.  We’ll hear from both veterans of online learning and educators who have just started teaching online in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Presenters include: 

  • Patricia Carbajales, Clemson University
  • Peter Knoop, University of Michigan
  • Diana Ter-Ghazaryan, University of Miami  
  • Joseph Kerski, University of Denver/Esri
  • Jennifer Bernstein, USC/UCGIS


What: “Moving Your Course to Distance Learning”  Webinar 

When:  Tuesday,  March 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm EDT / 4pm PDT 




  •      The Webinar recording can be found here.



  •      The slides from each presenter can be found here.
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Looking forward to your webinar. I have moved my own GIS classes/students to remote learning/teaching and its working really well...I look forward to any advice and assistance i can garner from your webinar. I am using teams from MSOffice365 to provide the online classes.

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I also look forward. the main struggle i face now is that half the class are Mac users and they struggle with installing Arcgis. is there an esri link or forum I can guide them to?

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Have you ever heard of boot camp for Mac, essential ArcGIS is run on windows, you can switch the Mac to windows with boot camp, the only thing to consider is getting a piece of software “parallel” so the Mac user will not have to reboot their Mac to switch between windows and Mac.... have a quick search before the remote class and you should easily have your students sorted

Let me know how you get on

Kind Regards


Get Outlook for iOS<>

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Sorry for typos essentially boot camp allows the switch between windows and Mac on the Mac

Get Outlook for iOS<>

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Eduardo, also, please check this documentation - Install Help for ArcGIS Pro on Mac