ArcGIS Knowledge - Now Included with Education Institution Agreements

12-19-2022 11:00 AM
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ArcGIS Knowledge is an enterprise graph store, that enables users to explore and analyze spatial, nonspatial, unstructured, and structured data - and it's now included with Education Institution Agreements!

This blog will not be exploring/explaining 'what' ArcGIS Knowledge is (well, maybe a little bit), but letting you know how you can get started with it.

So... what is ArcGIS Knowledge?

ArcGIS Knowledge provides users with a new way to store, visualize, and analyze data, based on a graph model. 

Leonhard Euler famously founded graph theory with his 1735 proof featuring the bridges of Königsberg Prussia (now Kaliningrad). 

The question was simple. Was it possible to traverse the 7 bridges of Königsberg only once?

Euler took the question and boiled it down into nodes (or entities) and edges (or relationships) and proved it was actually not possible. 

Animation of Bridges.gif

Within a relational database (RDBMS), there is an ability to create relationships between different objects or features (via joins), but nested relationships are difficult to query and visualize. 

One of the big values that I have experienced with a graph database, is the ability to have a range of attributes or properties on the relationships (edge).

In the example below, the 'People' entity could have properties (ex. Bill, 35, Asian-American), but the relationships to the City, Office, and Company can also have properties which can be queried, analyzed, and visualized.



How can I enable ArcGIS Knowledge for my university/school?

ArcGIS Knowledge requires a deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise (single or multi-machine). There are a range of different options for how you can install and support the 2 additional components:

  • ArcGIS Knowledge - server site
  • ArcGIS Data Store - graph store

The documentation for configuring ArcGIS Knowledge can be found here: 

If you are looking for licenses for ArcGIS Knowledge, they can be downloaded via MyEsri.



How do users access it?

After you have ArcGIS Knowledge licensed in your ArcGIS Enterprise instance, you then need to ensure users have the correct role to use it.

If your users are licensed as GIS Professionals, they also have the proper role to use and access ArcGIS Knowledge.

Currently, the primary client is ArcGIS Pro.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out or drop them here!


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Thanks @BrianBaldwin - this is great! Wondering what major subjects/fields of studies can leverage ArcGIS Knowledge for project work. Where can educators find such resources, use cases? 

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@AyanPalit - Great question... and I wish I had a good answer! We have talked with faculty working in a range of different fields where the idea of a 'geo-graph' could have a lot of value - and this is something we definitely need to follow-up on more concretely - exactly how/where/why faculty could use this technology for their teaching and research. More to come in the next few months as we work to build out and share some of the case studies that we are seeing.

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