ArcGIS Assistant Beta (tool for managing content and users)

05-20-2021 09:55 AM
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We have seen many questions from the Education community surrounding transferring of content between users and organizations, copying items, managing multiple accounts, and other similar workflows.

In effort to support such functions, the ArcGIS Assistant Beta was released.

This is the next-gen version of the classic AGO Assistant tool beloved by many ArcGIS users. It's been rebuilt from scratch by a team from Esri Professional Services. The beta includes the ability to:

  • Copy items (+resources) across accounts and organizations  
  • Add and manage multiple ArcGIS accounts
  • List, view, download, replace, and upload item resources
  • View and edit item info and item data JSON

A little history: Getting Started | ArcGIS Assistant User Guide (

Note this is not a "deep copy" of apps or web page item types (like Story Maps, Dashboards, Insights pages, Hub pages, app templates, etc.) However, it does include all the file resources, which the AGO Assistant didn’t do.

Many Education users are interested in working with and copying Story Maps - please take a look at the Common Workflows section, which addresses typical questions about using the ArcGIS Assistant with Story Maps.   

ArcGIS Assistant is a community driven project and not an officially supported by Esri Technical Support. Check out the FAQ and the Discussion Forum on GitHub.

While this is not the ultimate solution for managing content and users in Education, it’s an exciting step!

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Great concept and like the new UI.  Much more intuitive. Haven't been able to copy items:  ArcGIS Indoors Configuration, MMPKs, scene layers from 10.8.1 to 10.9 environments.  Actually, all of the items are giving an error CONT_0001: item does not exist or is inaccessible.  Logging in as Admin on both environments.  Any help on what items are currently supported.