A Guide to Spatial Data Science Courses in Esri Academy

04-08-2020 10:08 PM
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Spatial data science is receiving a lot of attention in higher education. Some institutions are setting up new programs or reorganizing existing ones that center around data science. Many instructors are starting to integrate spatial data science methods and technologies in their courses. Students are anxious to learn skills to benefit them in a future career.


If you teach geospatial technology, data science, or a related subject, consider including spatial data analysis and visualization in your course using ArcGIS to enrich your students’ experience. One easy way to get started is to use Esri e-learning resources in your course.


With hundreds of items in the Esri Academy catalog, it can be challenging to figure out which items pertain to spatial data science, and which ones are most applicable to the topics you are teaching or learning. That’s why we created a curated Guide to Esri E-Learning for Spatial Data Science. (Most recent update: December 11, 2020.)


E-Learning Guide for Spatial Data Science, first two pages

The guide lists items in three broad groups—Learning plans, Technology, and Capabilities—and categories, such as ArcGIS and Python Scripting, and Predictive Analytics, so that you can see the big picture.


Resources listed include:

  • Self-paced web courses
  • Training Seminars and videos
  • Tutorials
  • Videos and story maps


Each resource is briefly described, allowing you to quickly identify items of interest. When you’re ready to dig into the details, just click a title to access the full catalog description.


Keep in mind that courses may be available for different software versions. Before assigning or taking a specific course, please visit the catalog page and verify that it is available for the software version you will be using.


Future updates to the Guide will be made using the same link so that you can bookmark it and always be sure you're looking at the latest version. We welcome your comments below. You can also reach us with questions about courses at gistraining@esri.com, or with questions about ArcGIS product licensing at highered@esri.com.

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I am K-16 program coordinator on the Esri training content development team. I envision and develop e-learning and other resources to help educators grow their own skills and engage ArcGIS with students of all ages.