How do we want our sample data look like?

03-19-2020 07:39 AM
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Hi Community members! 

As you know I`m a designated sample data creator  for the DHDC data model. As we agreed the sample data is created for the City of Rotterdam.

I have theoretic understanding of how the heating and cooling system should look like, but I`m lacking practical knowlegde. And so I`m asking you, experts, to help me with the following questions:

1. How do you usually model the supply and return pipes at the building level?

On the picture below I have 4 pipes (heating supply and return, and cooling supply and return) that are coming to the houses. At the end of each pipe I have meter. I assume I should actually have 2 meters instead of 4? What is your experience? 

From my understanding DH and DC are closed loop systems, so technically inside (?) the building should be a connection of this two pipes. How do you usually model such situation?

2. How do you usually model the supply and return pipes at the heating/cooling level?

Same question but for the heating/cooling plant side. I`ve added heating plant as a point currently. Please give me some examples how do you usually model pipes coming in and out of the plants in your projects?

3. I`m looking for some screenshots/pdf pictures of the realistic district heating drawings. I will use them only as an inspiration for the sample data. 

Do you have any suggestions? I`m clueless where the pumps/valves/etc should be located to make it look realistic as much as it possible? Can someone provide me with it?

Looking forward to hear for you all,

Thank you,


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