Multiple attributes driven symbology

11-29-2021 01:19 AM
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I'm working on irrigation mapping project.

Each irrigated polygon has fields of:
1: Vegetation type (e.g bush, annuals, lawns etc)
2: Irrigation box which the irrigation comes from
3: Irrigation valve which irrigate the polygon (each box contains multiple valves)

The question is that:
I want to color each polygon in this method:
First by vegetation (lawns will get green colors, annuals in purple colors, bush in blue etc...)
Second by the valve numbers (each valve of certain vegetation type gets different hue)

The result should a map series by irrigation box, each type of vegetation gets a color ramp which the hue is changed by valve number. (for instace, 2 valves irrigate to areas of lawns, there will be to green areas but with different hues of green)

I hope I managed to explain :)




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You will probably have to edit the properties for each class using the available options for polygon symbology

Polygon symbols—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

you can vary Fill style  Color, Outline color, and Outine width

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