Live and historical traffic for network analysis in ArcGIS online portal

02-14-2024 10:33 PM
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Our client wants network analysis (routing and service area) functionality in our web app to use live road speed from their provided sources. They provide XML files containing the road speed for each road segment for a particular date and time. Is it possible to incorporate their data into a Network Analysis Service so that our web app (written in JS) can use it for all the date and times of our data?

Based on my understanding, it's only possible to enable traffic support on a Network Dataset using ArcMap, not ArcGIS Pro. However, it only supports 7 days of the week. Every day have distinct traffic data. ArcMap's network analysis functionality supposedly supports live traffic data, but it reads them from a local drive. Would it still work if it was published on the Portal?

When building a Network Dataset, I use an average road speed for the Minutes attribute (so that the network analysis supports travel time). I'd imagine that this would work: for every date and time, build and publish a Network Dataset using road speeds of that time, and use JS on the web app to select the correct Network Analysis Service. This is of course highly impractical because we have traffic data for the past 3 years, but I hope it would give you a better understanding of what the client wants.


The alternative approach was to use scaled-cost polyline barriers to reweight the roads based on the road speed of the selected time, but it would completely avoid those barriers instead of passing through. See this post I made:


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much

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