How to edit Accela Permitting System data in ESRI GIS application?

09-28-2022 03:32 PM
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Is there a way to support multiuser editing of Accela Permitting System data from an ESRI GIS application using the Accela JS API? Using either ArcGIS enterprise or Arcgis online. We currently have a hosted feature layer in arcgis online that contains regularly refreshed data directly from Accela SQL databases. We would like to see if editing data in the feature layer can update the data in the backend SQL tables so it can be viewed in Accela as live as possible. Basically two way editing but also with multiple users.

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Hi @AndrewEaman ; it has been a bit since I last looked at their schema/structure but short answer is yes.

If you have your feature-class that is your spatial record with a key to the Accela-Record and you do a relationship between the tables on that key; then yes you would be able to build a editable record (provided you give/get the right permissions to the DB that are exposed to your ArcGIS Server).

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