Custom basemap toggle widget for two basemaps (Experience Builder Developer Edition)

4 weeks ago
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My team is developing an application with Experience Builder that should allow users to toggle between two basemap options, Human Geography and Imagery.  The provided Basemap Gallery map tool offers too many basemaps to choose from, so we have begun to explore creating a custom widget to accomplish a two basemap toggle.  Something along the lines of the Basemap Toggle Widget that is available within the Javascript API would be ideal.

For further context, the solutions about creating a custom group to limit the basemaps in the gallery widget offered in the linked post at the bottom are not possible in our situation due to restrictions of our environment.

My questions are:

- Is it even possible to create a custom widget that allows users to toggle between two basemaps within an experience?

- If it is possible, would I be able to get any guidance on how to implement that functionality within a custom widget.  In the linked post, it was suggested that you could import the Basemap Gallery widget which I assume was in reference to the Basemap Gallery widget imported from @ArcGIS/core, but there was no additional information to confirm that assumption or if you can use widgets from the Javascript API inside of a custom widget.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you!


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